Counter Display Box VIX Jive

Counter Display for VIX Jive’s


Product Name: Counter Display
Function: Present the VIX Jive at the counter
EAN 08717953117182

This counter display will help you sale the VIX Jive’s. The VIX Jive’s are delivered in sets of 10 products in a box that becomes a product display when opened. Placed at the counter if will boost your turnover up to 200% .



– Packaging 200x240x160 (mm) 7.87×9.45×6.30 (inch)
– Weight: 1200 g (600 g Netto) / 2.646 lbs (1.323 lbs Netto)

VIX-Tango-en-klittenband_1In the packaging

– VIX Jive (10x)